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For adventure, fitness or just pure fun…

the environmentally-friendly watercraft or full-body workout you’ve been

waiting for.

Rowing is more than just a fantastic way to stay fit. It’s a fun way to invest in your healthy lifestyle.

Single or double rowing with space for passengers

Simple and minimalistic by design, the ROW eXplorer 4.6 is a sliding-seat recreational row boat for single and/or double rowing. Seaworthy, quick, stable and easy to handle, it offers ample space for passengers, dogs or equipment for a rowing adventure. Flotation is ensured through bow and stern watertight compartments. ROW eXplorer 4.6 is delivered as a single that can be upgraded for double rowing. Just add an extra unit for the forward rowing position plus a pair of oars. The conversion from single to double and back again is done within minutes.



Length: 4.69 m (15.38 ft)


Beam: 1.15 m (3.77 ft) hull only  

             1.67 m (5.48 ft) with riggers 


Weight: 32 kg (70.55 lbs) hull weight

              39 kg (86 lbs) with riggers & seat


Loadcapacity:Protected water=up to 3 persons


Buoyancy: Watertight compartments in bow and stern


CE Category: ”D” 



The ultimate all-weather rowing machine


The ROW Scull coastal craft is a modern recreational rowboat, designed and built in the classic “Whitehall” style and with a great deal of inspiration from surf boats. The boat is self-bailing through scuppers on the deck and a valve in the foot well. ROW Scull is seaworthy, fast and safe, with a rowing performance that inspires coastal adventures or just rowing in unprotected water. It is perfectly suitable for a workout in almost any weather condition. A 110 liter watertight compartment under the foredeck will keep your gear safe and dry during the trip. Folding / re-moveable riggers makes for easy transportation, storage and handling.


Length: 4.68 m (15.35 ft)


Beam: 1.16 m (3.80 ft) hull only

            1.68 m (5.51 ft) with riggers extended


Weight: 39 kg (86 lbs) with riggers and seat removed


Load capacity: 1 person + 80 kg (176 lbs)


Buoyancy: Double hull and 110 litre watertight stowage


CE Category: “D”




ROW VagaBond 4,7

The training or adventure specialist


Equally well adapted to your rowing workout or rowing expedition, the ROW VagaBond 4.7 Touring boat is an extreme seaworthy craft, ideal for an active outdoor life. Safe, stable  and adapted for rowing in lumpy seas, the ROW VagaBond 4.7is self-bailing and equipped with 3 water tight compartments. Stowage possibilities are plentiful, large enough for long and self-sustained expeditions. Storage space for heavier equipment underneath the cockpit keeps the weight low and centered. The bulkhead-mounted compass is standard. It’s a highly capable craft tried and tested over many expeditions. And beautiful too.

Length: 4.71 m (15.45 ft) 


Beam: 1.15 m (3.77 ft) hull only

             1.67 m (5.48 ft) with riggers


Weight: 46 kg (101.4 lbs) complete with riggers & seat


Load capacity: 1 person + 100 kg (220.4 lbs)=open water


Buoyancy: 800 litre, 3 watertight compartments + self-bailing


CE Category: ”C” 



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