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For adventure, fitness or just pure fun…

the environmentally-friendly watercraft or full-body workout you’ve been

waiting for.

Genuine Swedish Quality

Designed, developed, tested, and hand-built in

Sweden by proud people who really care. 


Capable of greater speed than

the average sea kayak.

Created by Wim Kotzé together with boat designer Hans Friedel, the unique designs are based on competition rowing sculls. Exceptionally fast and extremely stable, they let you leave the restricted confines of calm bays and glassy seas behind, inviting you to push the limits and explore new horizons—confidently and safely.

Stable and secure.

Easy to row.

Easy to transport.

Rugged and reliable in almost all weather.

Thanks to the sliding seat, the almost 3 metre long carbon fibre laminated oars and our streamlined hull design.

On your car with a standard roof-rack

or with a dolly on land.

Designed to keep you dry.

Optimized length and the sleek, high bow and stern ensure a dry ride. Double hull flanges reduce spray to a minimum.

Rowing               Division

Silvana Trading Inc.

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